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Patate pizza hand tossed and baked on a stone hearth Multi-grain organic dough made fresh daily in-house We make our organic, vegetarian pizza sauce daily Fresh, flavorful salads 12 Delicious Flavors of Ice cream from Christina’s (Cambridge, MA)

Or, orders from:  02135; 02445; 02114; 02116; 02199; 02163, call us or visit

Our mission at Ecco

We are passionate about indulging your craving for scrumptious, artisanal organic and natural pizza, salad, and ice cream in an environmentally friendly atmosphere, all bolstered by our strict attention to great service. We hope to see you soon!

February 28, 2012


We deliver Thursday through Sunday nights from 6pm – 11pm to Allston/Brighton, Brookline (north of Rt. 9), and BC/BU areas.  Delivery is free of charge.  Give us a call, order online from our website, or from



December 14, 2011

Finally Open!

We have finally opened albeit with limited hours while we get our feet on the ground. We are still trying to hire a pizza maker for weekend nights so if you know anyone, please send him/her our way.



October 10, 2011

Cookin’ With Gas

After many weeks of wrangling with our beloved gas company over main line connections, pipe sizes and capacities, we finally will have a gas connection by tonight.  If the plumber comes tomorrow to complete the hookup, we can fire up our ovens and start baking test pies by Thursday.



September 18, 2011

So That’s How They Do That

Our ventilation hood has been sitting on the floor for two weeks.  It is approximately 7′ long x 4′ deep and weighs a couple hundred pounds.  Its final destination is to be a spot above the gas range and grill, suspended from the ceiling.  Until now, it was baffling to think how this unwieldy piece…



September 9, 2011

New Storefront!

After many weeks of anticipation, the new low-e glass and aluminum, energy efficient storefront is being installed. The door was put in place a few days ago and we arrived at the store the next morning to find it permanently etched by vandals. Unbelievable.