Pizza, salads, and ice cream

They’re made and sold everywhere. In most pizza joints, the ingredients are the cheapest the proprietor can find; or the easiest to prepare. At Ecco we use the freshest organic and conventional ingredients and then hand craft every detail. The result is a flavor sensation you’ll wonder why you haven’t experienced until now. And what’s better, we do this in an environmentally friendly way.

Natural & Fresh

Our pizza dough is made fresh daily using organic flour, wheat germ, rye and flax seed in a slow fermentation process. Bright, fresh pizza sauce is crafted daily using organic tomatoes and fresh herbs and spices. Four varieties of natural cheese are blended by hand to create a buttery yet tangy flavor. Salads are made using fresh greens and vegetables. Our ice cream and sorbetto along with our locally roasted coffee beans are natural/organic as are many of our drinks.

Earth-Friendly & Green

We operate Ecco in an environmentally conscious way with the goal of creating near-zero waste. We compost food-waste, napkins, plates, straws and utensils (made from corn and renewable plants). We recycle glass, plastic, aluminum, and cardboard. Ecco uses and was built with energy-efficient electricity, low-flow plumbing fixtures, low VOC paints and adhesives, LED lighting, floor tile from recycled materials, and cork, a sustainable natural product. Our furniture has either been reclaimed or is made mostly from recycled materials. 90% of our kitchen equipment is reclaimed/reused.